Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club Reviews Packing Essentials for Tropical Vacations

Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club Reviews

Almost everyone has experienced the dread of realizing they forgot to pack an item before traveling. Whether it be at the airport or when you’ve already arrived at your destination, realizing you forgot to pack an essential item is never a good way to start your vacation. Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club is committed to creating the ultimate vacation experience for its guests and hopes this review blog will help guests pack any and all essential items. Today, Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club reviews packing essentials for tropical vacations and some of the most forgotten vacation items.


Sun Protection

One of the most common mistakes travelers make when vacationing in a tropical country is not preparing for sun exposure. While it’s perfectly natural for vacationers to want to head straight for Mexico and Dominican Republic’s famous beaches, a bad sunburn is the fastest way to cut beach time short. For this reason, the Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club recommends visitors pack essential sun protection to be able to enjoy the resort’s picturesque beaches for the duration of their stay. Some sun protection essentials include:

–        A large hat

–        Sunscreen

–        Aloe vera

–        Beach coverup

–        Sunglasses



While you may have a general idea of the activities you want to participate in at the resort, it is always best to prepare for the unexpected! Packing appropriate footwear for various occasions will ensure that you can comfortably participate in fun excursions and activities. While it may seem like a great way to save room in your suitcase, it’s always a good idea to pack more than just a pair of sandals! It is always best to pack:

–        Water shoes

–        Tennis shoes

–        Sandals

–        Dress Shoes


Waterproof Items

For water lovers, the Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club recommends bringing waterproof gadgets to capture all your favorite underwater moments. Those participating in some of the many Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club excursions such as scuba diving, snorkeling, or swimming with dolphins will appreciate bringing an underwater camera to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments to show to loved ones back home. While these items may not be essential for all guests, bringing either an underwater camera, underwater go pro, or waterproof phone case will allow guests to treasure their time at Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club long after they have left the resort.

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