What Makes Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic Such a Great Vacation Destination?


The time you spend on holiday with your family and friends becomes some of the most treasured moments in your life. Because of this, the destination you pick to visit is an important decision. To help narrow down what could be an overwhelming choice, we share some of our top tips from the Dominican Republic, where the city Puerto Plata offers beautiful beaches, fun excursions, fantastic weather, and top places to dine according to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews.


Ok, so you might be a lay-on-the-lounger type, but there are usually people in your group who are more active. In Puerto Plata, there are numerous excursions on offer for these people.

From cable cars to snorkeling, from waterfall visits to speed boats, from river rafting to dolphin encounters, from horseback riding to fishing, there are dozens of exciting excursions to suit everyone in your group.


Arguably the most crucial aspect of your holiday is food. After all, how can you relax on an empty stomach?

Luckily in Puerto Plata, there are dozens of restaurants you can go to — both in the resort, for ease, and in the city too. Traditional Dominican Republic food includes fried fish, rice, stew, and beans, although there are a plethora of delicious cuisines to try to suit a variety of tastes and requirements.


With an average daily max temperature of around 86 F across the entire year, the Dominican Republic is for you if you like sunshine. The amount of daily sunshine and humidity also stays pretty regular throughout the year, meaning that Puerto Plata is the perfect place to book whatever season you plan to take your holiday. The only thing to look out for is rainfall — May to November is when it rains the most.

But if you are after clear blue skies to match the warm blue ocean and a warm getaway to help you to relax, Puerto Plata has an ideal climate.

Historical Sites

While some of your group might be the activity type, others may be into history. If this is the case, then Puerto Plata has everything you need, with dozens of incredible sites and historical landmarks to visit.

From the Neptune Statue to the Fortress of San Felipe to the historical center of the city, there are so many spots to enjoy in this ancient city.


Natural Wonders

Although Puerto Plata is an ocean-front city, it is also nestled amid the most exquisite greenery. So for nature lovers, you are spoilt for choice: you can stay in your resort and enjoy the varied beaches, or you can visit the surrounding waterfalls, mountains, parks, and ranches.

The Round-Up

So whether you, your family, and your friends are interested in swimming in warm oceans, dining well, relaxing in the sun, going on once-in-a-lifetime excursions, or visiting historical sites, there is something in Puerto Plata to suit you. Yes, this buzzing sunshine city is real, and it’s only a plane ride away!

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