Choosing a Travel Destination During the Pandemic

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When COVID-19 first hit, the disruption to industries such as travel were monumental as countries shut their borders to curb the spread. Now that vaccination rollouts have improved in many areas of the world and many businesses are proceeding well, many have wondered when a good time would be to pick up traveling again- and even more are wondering what the best practices are for doing so.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club realizes that there are many ways that individuals looking to travel can choose from destinations available to them and have a great time. Here, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews a few things to look out for when choosing a travel destination during this stage of the pandemic.


Safety is always a primary concern during traveling. For this reason, it is a great idea to check out what the local tourism industry in the area you wish to visit is doing to keep proper safety standards. Which factors are most important to you will differ based on your comfort level, but still travelers enjoy seeing practices to uphold safety and lower transmission rates such as social distancing, temperature checks, sanitizing protocols, and how they factor into amenities as well. Travelers are also showing an interest in how different areas are doing regarding vaccination and transmission rates. Countries that are staying in front of the pack for handling the pandemic are popular destinations currently.

Travel Eligibility

Another quality that can differ from one travel destination to the other is who may be considered eligible to visit. Because this will also depend on factors such as the country you are leaving from, it is best to do some quick research to see what the travel eligibilities are for some of the places you are considering visiting. This can be especially important for people who have not been vaccinated, but it can be crucial for those traveling with children who are at the age where they cannot be vaccinated yet as well. Some countries may only allow vaccinated travelers while others may only require negative tests.

Quarantine Requirements

Quarantine practices were adopted early in the pandemic because health experts realized that there is an incubation period where you can feel fine but still spread the virus. These quarantine practices were much closer from place to place before, but now we are starting to see a lot of diversity in the requirements. For example, some countries will require quarantines for vaccinated citizens, while others may not. Some areas require testing but do not require vaccinations or quarantines. These requirements can be a mixed bag, and it is going to be important for prospective travelers to do their research to see what places are available to them at the time.

What You Are Looking for In a Trip

It is always a good idea to know what you are looking for in a trip before booking. After all, what you want to do on your trip plays an instrumental role in choosing where to go. This is important because, while you may not be able to travel to your first choice for a bit as things clear up, there may be other areas that would check off all the boxes on your vacation checklist. Defining what type of vacation that you would like to have puts you in the position to have the best time possible. For example, if your goal is to have a relaxing beach vacation but your first choice is not currently accepting visitors from your area, remember that there are many places out there where you can have just as great a time.

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