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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews every aspect of their vacation offerings to ensure that all guests have the best getaway possible. In the age of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the biggest aspects of travel is concern regarding travel. Today, Lifestyle Holiday Vacation club reviews safety tips to minimize risk of illness throughout the air travel process.

Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club reviews show that while it may seem obvious, washing hands regularly is still the most important thing a person can do to keep themselves safe. Soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the best method to clean hands but hand sanitizer can work in a pinch. The only downside to hand sanitizer is it can irritate the skin when used regularly. Viruses most often enter the body through people touching their eyes, nose, and mouth. It is important to minimize face touching from the time you enter the airport to the time you arrive at your vacation resort.

While people may have risked traveling while feeling slightly under the weather in the past, it is imperative that every traveler does not fly while feeling unwell. Many airports are now running temperature checks before allowing passengers on the plane. It’s simply not worth putting yourself or other travelers at risk. If you happen to have a cough or seasonal allergies, be sure to cover up. Cough into the elbow and always wear a facemask  to protect yourself and other travelers.

Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club reviews show that modern aircrafts utilize HEPA filters, which can filter just under 100 percent of airborne contaminants in the airplane. This doesn’t mean that travelers should remove their masks, however. For extra safety, passengers should keep their masks on and try to get a window seat if they are able to. The window seat helps travelers avoid foot traffic in the aisle and minimizes their exposure to other passengers.

Throughout the travel experience, travelers must be keenly aware of their surroundings. Keeping a six-ten feet distance from strangers is the best way to remain safe in the airport. Therefore, travelers should give themselves extra time to get to their gate on time. With no need to rush, it will be easier to stay cognizant of surroundings and minimize exposure to the public as much as possible.

These are strange and uncertain times, but travel can still be enjoyed if travelers are willing to take the necessary precautions to keep themselves and their fellow travelers safe.