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Taking time off from work and picking a destination to visit are just the initial steps toward planning a vacation. What matters most is how you fill the days between your first and last dates away from daily adult responsibilities. To assist those planning a much-needed get-away — and possibly reading up on Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews for guidance — this article is for you! This is doubly true if you’re considering Puerta Plata, Punta Cana, Cabarete and other Dominican Republic destinations! Read on to learn about excursion packages and why they reflect so well on Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews.

By Sea: If you’re going to get immersed in warm-weather activities, then swimming with two Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins is an opportunity that’s hard to pass up. The Royal Dolphin Swim excursion, available at Ocean World Marina in Puerto Plata, offers an hour-long up-close experience with dolphins as you interact with them. Participants will be able to feed, hug and even go for a “pectoral ride.” There are a few prerequisites, such as being able to swim and not being pregnant, but the majority of other rules are all about bringing a camera to take photos as well as a bathing suit and sun tan lotion.

By Land: If you want to cover the most ground and see as much of the Dominican Republic as possible, then 4-wheel ATV adventure is for you. This excursion, which is mentioned in so many positive Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews, will take riders from the highs of untouched hills to the sea-level villages and back up through the mountain trails. Moreover, the Outback Terra Cross ATV buggy tours are of a similar vein and provide the same exhilarating four-wheel adventure. If you’ve always wanted to ride a motorized ATV but live in an urban area where there’s no trails to explore, this excursion is for you.

By Air: For those in vacationing in the Puerto Plata area, the zip line excursion is one of the most popular ways to get a whole new vantage point. This offering allows participants to descend from 100 feet up and reach speeds of up to 30 mph during the trip. Not only will both city and ocean vistas be visible, but riders will also feel safe and secure thanks to experienced guides and specialized equipment. Management suggests pants or longer shorts be worn during the zip line experience, which some Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews can attest to.