Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reviews Details for This Year’s Puerto Plata 10k Race


If you’d like to gather valuable information as Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews details for this year’s Puerto Plata 10k Race, be sure to attend a press conference and cocktail hour that will be held June 27 at Café Del Mar inside the DOME complex, which is part of the Puerto Plata resort.

The Puerto Plata 10k Race will take place September 9 and Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club president Markus Wischenbart is proud to be hosting what is sure to be yet another great event.

Now in its fourth year of operation, the Puerto Plata 10k race is an annual 10-kilometer run that is carefully planned and executed with the goal of offering a safe and memorable experience in mind.

The event’s main objective is to promote physical activity as a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. In order to prepare participants for this race, the Puerto Plata resort offers training programs for different levels of runners.

The race is also intended to showcase Puerto Plata as a sports tourism destination. The race’s route, which includes the boardwalk and main streets of the historic center, allow runners to tour Puerto Plata in a unique and exciting way. Locals and tourists alike can participate in this event and appreciate the city from a different point of view.

Here’s what past participants have had to say about their experience running in the Puerto Plata 10k Race:

“Excellent event! We fully appreciate your dedication to perform an activity with such height. ” – Constance Runners Group

“For me it is a pride to participate since it is one of the best, good logistics, very good organization, a lot of hydration.” – Joanna Santiago

“Congratulations, it was a great event!!! Pride of Puerto Plata. ” – Smill, Puerto Plata

Our committee organizer, Puerto Plata Corridor Club Korre a Mil, was founded in October 2013 and is comprised of a dedicated group of people who are passionate about running and eager to share the benefits of the sport. They have worked toward their goals with various sports programs and institutions over the years.

For more information regarding the Puerto Plata 10k Race, be sure to attend the press conference and cocktail hour June 27. For further inquiries, contact the event’s coordinators by writing to Road Luperon KM 3, Plaza El Doral, local No. 2 Puerto Plata, Rep. Dom., or email You can also call 829-589-1000.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reviews What it Means to be ‘All-In’

lifestyle holidays vacation club

If you go online and read Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews, you’ll learn what it means to really be “All-In.” That’s because those who write the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews have experienced the amazing customer service and amenities the hotel resort operator provides.

So the question is: Next time you take a Caribbean vacation, will you be all-in?

To answer that question, let’s start by deciphering what being all-in really means. Sit back and relax like you’re already on vacation as Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews what it really means to be all-in.

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club all-in concept is meant to give guests all they could ever want in a Caribbean vacation package. Guests who opt for the truly all-in experience of a Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club stay get to enjoy fine dining, exclusive VIP facilities and amenities, world-class customer service, and more. All of which exceed expectations and make for a trip guests won’t soon forget.

Part of the all-in Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club experience includes eating some of the delicious cuisine found at the various accommodations. The menus of these restaurants vary from steak and seafood, to Dominican, Asian, Italian, Mexican, Brazilian and more! The amazing meals offered at these luxurious hotels and resorts help drive the many positive Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reviews that are out there.

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club accommodations in the Dominican Republic include:

  • The Tropical
  • The Crown Suites
  • The Residence Suites
  • The Royal Suites
  • Presidential Suites – Puerto Plata
  • The Crown Villas
  • The Royal Villas
  • Costa Esmeralda
  • Cofresi Palm Beach & Spa Resort
  • Dream Suites – Costa Dorada

However, the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Luxury All-In Plan is found solely at the Dream Suites in Costa Dorada and the package includes the privileged use of all restaurants, bars, and facilities and each resort; VIP areas and services exclusive for VIP members; access to breakfast, lunch, and dinner in any restaurant on property; VIP exclusive restaurants; daytime and late snacks located in various locations throughout the property, including Lite Fare Bars.

Why plan a trip that doesn’t have it all?

Next time you book a vacation, keep Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s all-in offer in mind and experience luxury the way it was intended to be enjoyed. You certainly don’t need to be worried about missing out on anything when you book a Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club all-in vacation.

Learn More About Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s Kosher Approved Kitchen

lifestyle holiday vacation clubFor more than 80 years, the OK symbol has been associated with elite kosher standards on six continents, and it is supported by more than 350 of the world’s leading kosher experts. OK Kosher has certified more than 500,000 products and 2,500 companies, as well as select resort properties such as Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is proud to offer its members a new kosher vacation option. The year-round kosher vacation at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club features a fully kosher kitchen, a kosher restaurant, a synagogue, rabbinical services, and a kosher villa environment upon request.

Blues Restaurant and the Kosher Kitchen are operated under the strict supervision of OK Kosher and Rabbi Israel Levin, which follow the Kashruth Jewish Dietary Laws for Glatt Kosher, Chalav Yisroel, and Pas Yisroel. A variety of Sephardic, Askenazi and international menu items are offered.

The Kosher Kitchen Hours of Operation are as follows:

  • Breakfast 7:00 am – 10:30 am
  • Lunch 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm
  • Dinner 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Blues Restaurant and the Kosher Kitchen feature kosher-style buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These buffets include international dishes from all over the world.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is now offering the Kosher Plus Program for its members and guests. This program allows guest the flexibility to take kosher and normal restaurants.

Rabbi Israel Levin has been appointed as Rabbi in residence at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resort in Puerto Plata. He oversees Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s year-round kosher vacation experience, including the restaurant, kitchen, synagogue, and rabbinical services.

He is a 2000 graduate of Tel Aviv University with an education in computer science and computer maintenance. Rabbi Levin is fluent in Hebrew, English and Yiddish. His work experience prior to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club includes roles as Mashgiach for kosher restaurant kitchens in Miami and Hollywood, Fla. He is also experienced in bookkeeping, office management and sales positions for real estate, appliance and jewelry companies in Israel and the United States.

The synagogue at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is open all day, every day by request. If there is a Minyan present, there are morning services every day. Rabbi Levin, the resident Mashgiach, is also available daily.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club couldn’t be more honored to receive the prestigious OK Kosher Certification, which allows for an even more memorable vacation for its members and guests.

President Markus Wischenbart Explains The Key Successes and How His Vision Has Become A Reality

In Cofresi you will find the largest hotel complex in the Northern Region of the Dominican Republic and also where Lifestyle Holidays President Markus Wischenbart calls home, Visible from the road side the lifestyle logo is etched not only on the signs around the resort but on the very heart of Puerto Plata.

The hotel complex boasts over 1,160 rooms consisting of  two hotels, The Tropical, which is the essence of a true tropical experience in a resort on the beach, with Mediterranean buildings 3 stories high. It has 282 spacious rooms, divided into 229 tropical rooms, most with ocean views and 53 junior suites.

The other hotel is the Cofresí Palm Beach, which is the most recent building in the complex, with 468 exquisitely decorated units, from Spa Suites for adults only, to family rooms, located between the beach and numerous swimming pools. Lifestyle Holidays President Markus Wischenbart commented “the design took into account the comfort and space becoming a relaxing experience for every type of traveler need”.

The Residencial Suites is a group of apartments located on the slope of a mountain, very close to the beach, these suites offer spaces for both sleeping and sharing, providing all the necessary comfort with private bedrooms, the suites are distributed in four buildings of three levels each with a view of the garden, the mountains or the pool.

The resorts Presidential Suites, with 160 units, 53 of these with three bedrooms, is the luxury suite concept of the complex, these unique units have elements beyond comparison, in a luxurious and elegant accommodation experience.

The resorts villas are 3-7 bedroom private villas each with their own pool and come with amongst other things a private breakfast option in the villa and golf cart in order for guests to move around freely, it is details such as these that puts the villas in a league of their own.

Guests who stay at the resort have the privilege of making use of all the restaurants, bars and other facilities. This was the idea created by Mr. Wischenbart since the inception of Lifestyle holidays, “to create individual spaces catering to differing needs and group sizes but all whilst enjoying VIP areas and services,  my aim has always been to be the best, in everything. From being innovators of luxury transfers to and from the resort to the continuing growth and construction of our villas, the company is innovative and always moving with the times”.

When asked what makes the Lifestyle resorts different to others Mr. Wischenbart’s answer was direct, “we take the best staff, create the best accommodations and VIP communal areas and deliver the best service….the combination of these elements is what makes Lifestyle a truly unforgettable experience”

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