Future Looks Beyond Bright For Markus Wischenbart On Eve Of Extravagant Wedding

Markus Wischenbart

As a precursor to the grand celebration, Markus Wischenbart wed Mrs. Irena Markovic-Wischenbart in Vienna, Austria earlier this summer. The 2019 event, which was attended by close family and friends of the bride and groom, was an admittedly small affair. That’s of no concern, however, because the couple has plans for an extravagant wedding later in 2019. This one will be held in Belgrade, Serbia — Mrs. Markovic-Wischenbart’s native land. For those who are familiar with the trend-setting and globe-hopping couple, we can expect no expense to be spared! In this article, we’ll shed a little bit more light on the professional career of Mr. Markus Wischenbart and how it became an integral part of his current personal life.

Mr. Wischenbart is both the owner and president of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club (LHVC) and Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resorts (LHVR). These companies offer one-of-a-kind vacations all across the Dominican Republic. If you’ve ever wanted to stake your claim in Puerto Plata, LHVC can help make it happen. If you’ve ever wanted to go snorkeling in the waters off the Dominican Republic, these companies can help plan the memorable events. As an avid traveler who enjoys seeing the world and seeing how we can incorporate experiences into his vacation properties, Markus Wischenbart looks forward to the upcoming wedding in Serbia. This will indeed offer a memorable opportunity to explore the European county and capital city of approximately 1.23 million.

The real kicker here is that LHVC and LHVR share the key “Lifestyle” term with the company run by Markus Wischenbart’s wife. Real estate company Lifestyle Properties, which Mrs. Irena Markovic-Wischenbart has overseen for the past decade, is a successful venture to say the least. What’s more, the common thread between the two companies was a sheer coincidence and one that both like to laugh about now as a married couple. On top of this real estate company, Mrs. Markovic-Wischenbart has been putting on a monthly nightclub event dubbed “Scandalous.” This popular event draws a huge crowd each month!

The future certainly looks bright for Markus Wischenbart and his new wife. It’s also going to be hectic, as they’ll be trading Vienna for Belgrade and also saying involved in their respective professional ventures. It’s nothing for clients and customers to be concerned about, as the two have held leadership roles in their respective companies for combined decades and take great pride in their offerings. If you haven’t made plans for the summer yet and are craving an escape to sandy beaches and warm water, LHVC may be able to help.

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