Learn More About Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s Kosher Approved Kitchen

lifestyle holiday vacation clubFor more than 80 years, the OK symbol has been associated with elite kosher standards on six continents, and it is supported by more than 350 of the world’s leading kosher experts. OK Kosher has certified more than 500,000 products and 2,500 companies, as well as select resort properties such as Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is proud to offer its members a new kosher vacation option. The year-round kosher vacation at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club features a fully kosher kitchen, a kosher restaurant, a synagogue, rabbinical services, and a kosher villa environment upon request.

Blues Restaurant and the Kosher Kitchen are operated under the strict supervision of OK Kosher and Rabbi Israel Levin, which follow the Kashruth Jewish Dietary Laws for Glatt Kosher, Chalav Yisroel, and Pas Yisroel. A variety of Sephardic, Askenazi and international menu items are offered.

The Kosher Kitchen Hours of Operation are as follows:

  • Breakfast 7:00 am – 10:30 am
  • Lunch 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm
  • Dinner 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Blues Restaurant and the Kosher Kitchen feature kosher-style buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These buffets include international dishes from all over the world.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is now offering the Kosher Plus Program for its members and guests. This program allows guest the flexibility to take kosher and normal restaurants.

Rabbi Israel Levin has been appointed as Rabbi in residence at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resort in Puerto Plata. He oversees Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club’s year-round kosher vacation experience, including the restaurant, kitchen, synagogue, and rabbinical services.

He is a 2000 graduate of Tel Aviv University with an education in computer science and computer maintenance. Rabbi Levin is fluent in Hebrew, English and Yiddish. His work experience prior to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club includes roles as Mashgiach for kosher restaurant kitchens in Miami and Hollywood, Fla. He is also experienced in bookkeeping, office management and sales positions for real estate, appliance and jewelry companies in Israel and the United States.

The synagogue at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is open all day, every day by request. If there is a Minyan present, there are morning services every day. Rabbi Levin, the resident Mashgiach, is also available daily.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club couldn’t be more honored to receive the prestigious OK Kosher Certification, which allows for an even more memorable vacation for its members and guests.

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